The Claire Foster Memorial Fund

Adam Handy - Chair

I have worked for the Albatross Group for over 12 years and have enjoyed being part of many of the fundraising efforts organised by the CFMF. I am honoured to be the chairperson supporting such great causes.


Bernard and Denise Foster

We are very proud that the Albatross fund raising has been called The Claire Foster Memorial Fund. Claire enjoyed fund raising for charity in her time working for The Albatross Group, she had caring giving nature. We were asked to be part of the fund raising commitee and enjoy the sponsored charity walks.

Jackie Cook

The Claire Foster Memorial Fund is a great thing to be part of and we generally have lots of fun whilst fundraising.  It is good to know that as individuals and a company we do something to help the wider local community and can have a positive impact on those less fortunate than ourselves.

Lucy Barratt

I have worked for the company since the year 2000. I am fortunate to not only have worked alongside Claire, but to been able to call her one of my best friends. The memorial fund has helped so many charities and good causes since it started and it is amazing to be part of it.


Sue Duffy

I remember Claire well, a special lady. I have always supported the CFMF where I have been able to, but have previously declared that I’ve been too busy to get more involved. As life generally always seems busy, I recently got my “ducks in a row” and looked at where I can help and make a difference. For this reason I requested to join the team and they thankfully accepted my request!

Kassie Gilder

I was asked to join The Claire Foster Memorial Fund Team, I couldn’t say no to such a fabulous cause. To see how much the fund has grown and how many people they have helped over the years, it is a privilege to be a part of it.

Lisa Tooth

I was asked to be a part of The Claire Foster Memorial Fund soon after joining The Albatross Group and did not hesitate in accepting.  It is great to be a part of something that is close to the hearts of staff, become involved with the team and help to raise funds in Claire’s memory for the local charities.  I look forward to supporting with new ideas and events with the same passion that is shown throughout The Albatross Group.

Mariska Botha - Treasurer

When the opportunity to join the Claire Foster Memorial Fund arose I didn’t hesitate to take it. I am proud to be able to use my accounting skills to help the Fund and above all I am honoured to be the Treasurer for such an amazing cause.

Tracey Kelly

I really wanted to join the CFMF team to help contribute new ideas to raise money for the well worth charities. Sadly I didn’t get to meet Claire personally, but colleagues that did feel extremely lucky to have known such a lovely lady. I hope I can bring some new ideas for such a worthy cause!

Paige Gilder

I was asked to be a part of The Claire Foster Memorial Fund and given that I love and enjoy organising events I just couldn’t turn it down. I feel very lucky to be a part of the team and I can’t wait to contribute ideas to raise even more money for such a worthy cause.

CFMF group photo