The Claire Foster Memorial Fund


The purpose of the Fund is to provide a vehicle that allows employees within all of the UK Group Companies, on their own or in partnership with others, to participate in raising money to support national, regional and local charities and good causes.


All money raised will be used to support local and regional charities and good causes which are nominated by our staff.


All official Group or Company fundraising events or activities will be for the benefit of the Claire Foster Memorial Fund and the charities or good causes that it supports.


The Company has established a Governing Board to manage the affairs of the Fund. This Board will meet every 4-6 weeks and its duties will include the coordination of fundraising activities, decisions as to how the Fund’s money is distributed and on-going communication with all staff.


The Governing Board will, in consultation with all staff, decide on the local charities and good causes to be supported by the Fund and may vary this from time to time as deemed appropriate.


The Governing Board will liaise with each Group location in the UK in order to ensure that each has the opportunity to nominate local or regional charities for the Fund to support.


The Fund will also have the discretion to support individual employees in their own fundraising activities, where deemed appropriate by the Governing Board.


Employees will be actively encouraged to both participate in fundraising activities in order to generate income for the Fund and suggest charities and good causes for it to support.


The Governing Board has a Chair of the Board and Treasurer. Bernard and Denise Foster (Claire’s parents) will also sit on the Governing Board as do up to 10 other employees taken from throughout the UK Group. Members of the Governing Board will have a duty to act on behalf of all Group Companies, rather than the individual company that employs them.


The Governing Board will make decisions by simple majority voting, where required, and the Chair will have a casting vote in the event of a deadlock.


The Company will allow members of the Governing Board sufficient time to undertake their duties, although a reasonable proportion of the Fund’s work is expected to be done outside of normal working hours.


The Claire Foster Memorial Fund is not a registered charity but all funds will be held in separate accounts by the Company and accounted for internally to all Group staff on a regular basis. The Company will also arrange an annual external audit of the Fund.


The Memorial Fund account will require two signatories (drawn from the Governing Board) to authorise all donations.


The Group will provide banking and other administrative facilities to the Fund without charge.