The Claire Foster Memorial Fund

2020 Virtual Run

What is a virtual run?

A virtual run is a challenge you pay to enter where you are expected to meet a target, the CFMF is 20.20 miles in the month of January 2020 which you can walk, jog, run or swim

Virtual races are very similar to live races – you enter a race and when you finish you get a medal – but differ from live events in two key ways:

1.You can choose to complete the race whenever you like.

2.You can complete the race wherever you like- indoors, outdoors, walk, run or swim


How are we going to record entries?

Before you receive your medal, we will need to have evidence that you have completed the distance, there are various different ways to track your miles:

Strava – if you are on Strava you will need to join the Albatross Runners Group

Other – At the end of the month you will need to email [email protected] with evidence you have completed the 20.20 miles. This could be photos of your fitbit distances, screenshots of any other devices etc


Entrance Fee

£10 per person (plus £3 per medal postage costs)


How will I receive my medal?

This can either be collected by a member of Albatross Travel Group, from our office in Larkfield or Trowbridge, or posted for an additional cost £3 per medal.


How to book a place?

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